Forehand and Backhand Technique


Serve Returns


Forehand and backhand flick.

Timing for each shot

Coach EmRatThich consolidated knowledge about each type of stroke and optimal timing for hitting the ball in this nice video.  Here is the table he presented.  There are 5 ball positions that he identified (1) early rising after hitting the table, (2) late rising, (3) top of the bounce, (4) early falling, (5) late falling.

Perfect Timing for Shots

Coaching Methods

Here is how kids in China practice from the early age.

Another one showing consistency training.

Individual Players Technique

Below are examples of world class players presenting various techniques

Ma Long – top Chinese player

Ma Long training for 2017 World Championship with Lin Gaoyan.  This video is taken from a persons angle of view which is the best angle for analyzing and learning.  Especially good are various serve return techniques for the same serve shown in the later part of the video.

Michale Maze – top Danish player

Jun Mizutani – top Japanese player

Playing against players who use rubber on their paddles to reverse or dampen your spin.

Here is a nice write up about this strategy.  I would add that since the pips players are so used to playing against topspin they are very good at blocking it.  However they are not as good against straight hit ball i.e. smashes.  When you play a smash the ball simply jumps off the pips paddle into the air like crazy.  So play one LIGHT topspin and then smash and you will see what I mean.

Sites with many videos

Probably the most comprehensive selection of videos showing all techniques is Ping Skills. It is shot in Australia by highly experienced coaches.

Multi Ball Technique

Multi ball is a technique of feeding the balls to a student.  In itself it is a skill that needs to be mastered.  Here are some videos showing how to perform multi ball.

How to multiball by Eli Beraty

Whole set of drills in one video


Advice on playing against a left handed players