This short tutorial will show you how to register with OmniPong and enroll into a tournament.  It assumes that you are not USATT member.  The important buttons are highlighted in red circles.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4 – Click Enter to enroll in the tournament

Step 5 – click Accept


Step 6 – Click Events to enter into events


Step 7 – Click Enter to enter your event


Step 8 – Click more Enter buttons to enter more events or Back if you are done

Step 9 – Click HERE to begin payment process


Step 10 – Click Pay Online


Step 11 – Click Continue


Step 12 – Click Pay Now


Now you will be sent off to the PayPal site to make the actual payment.

On PayPal website you will see two options.  Choose ‘Don’t have a PayPal account’ if you like to pay with your credit card.


Fill your address information and press Continue to advance to credit card screen.

PayPalScreenCCFill out your credit card information and press ‘Continue’.  You may then press ‘Return to Swavek Lorenc’ to return to OmniPong.
After you make the payment the Tournament Director will get e-mail from PayPal.  After that payment confirmation is received your entry in the tournament will be confirmed.  If there is problem with payment or you abandon it you will have to come back to OmniPong and pay again by pressing ‘Payment’ button on the left.  You will need to delete the failed payment from the Payment Details screen which is reached when you press the payment link on the Payment screen.