For all foreign players who have USATT ratings we will use USATT ratings for qualification and seeding.

For foreign players who do not have USATT ratings, we will treat them as unrated for the purpose of qualification and seeding. They cannot advance from rating-restricted events e.g. U-1900, U-1800 etc. However if they are entering an open event such as Open Singles or Doubles or Women’s Singles, we must have their estimated USATT rating so we can seed them properly. Foreign ratings cannot be converted directly to USATT ratings, but we can use them as additional information to guide us in seeding them. It is important for these players to understand that they cannot advance from rating-restricted events if this is their first USATT tournament.

When registering online via OmniPong, foreign players don’t have to pay the USATT membership fee or even a $20 single tournament pass, if their membership in their  country’s table tennis association is up to date.  This results in $75/45 savings depending on whether they are an adult or under 17/college student.  To eliminate this fee, once a player creates an OmniPong account and registers for his/her events they will be automatically assigned 1 year membership.  At this point he/she needs to go to the ‘Summary screen’ and click the ‘Update’ button on the line which reads ‘USATT membership expired on ….: Buying 1 year Adult membership.


Once on the ‘Membership Options’ screen they need to choose ‘Member of Foreign Association’ to remove USATT membership fee.


Then a player must send Tournament Director via e-mail ( a proof of their membership being current.  This can be as easy as a screenshot of the table tennis association’s website, which shows player’s name, membership id and expiration date or a picture of the member id card with the same information.  Without this proof we can’t accept the entry without adding USATT membership fee.   The same applies if to registering by mail.