Here is what participants said about the 3rd Fox Valley open tournament took place on December 10th, 2011 at the Eola Community Center.

Hi Swavek,

I enjoyed the experience of playing in the age appropriate amateur group in my first tournament ever. The level of competition was just right for me. As you recall, an issue arose with one of my opponents regarding his interpretation of a possible rule for when a paddle hits the table during a return. After our match I found you quickly. You and I were able to consult the rule book after some difficulty finding it. My reading of the rule was that no error is committed when such an event occurs. I believe you were of the same opinion.

I suggest that someone be appointed on both sides of the barriers as an appeals judge or rule book keeper in case such issues come up again. This would allow for more immediate consultation during a match instead of the delay in making the long trek around during a match.

I know you and your family worked very hard to make the tourney a success despite the apparent lack of preparation by the staff at Eola. I also noticed some “dust bunnies” on the floor in a few spots which found their way to my ball several times. It may be too much to ask them to mop or sweep the floor ahead of time but it’s worth a shot.

I thank you for providing such a venue and I look forward to competing in the spring.

Jim Golick


Great job, thank you from me and the silent majority. One thing I noticed is a possible heavier demand for the intermediate level. I was wondering if you could have 18 X 4 divisions vs. the 24 X 3. They could be amateur, low intermediate, high intermediate, and advanced. The advancers would be the 2 best records out of the 3 groups of 6 plus 2 “wild cards” from the 18 to make 8 total. The playoffs might have to be reduced to the best of three in only the intermediate divisions because of more participants ( and thus added time). Obviously, you can keep slicing it finer, but it’s just an idea. The beginning players do ramp up their skills quicker than established ones so you do get that “bell curve” of talent. Easy for me to throw out, but more difficult to implement. No problem with the existing format though.

Thanks again,
Ken Robbins

Hi Swavek,

Congrats on organizing another excellent tournament. Looks like the Fox Valley tournament is attracting serious table tennis players at every level. Overall, it was a very enjoyable tournament. Having the scoreboard for the final was great. Jacek did a great job. But, here are some suggestions as you asked for them:

1. You have many kids sign up in the amateur division. I would suggest a separate division for players below 14. There are not many age specific events in tournaments around here and this would give kids a chance to play other kids and have a chance at winning.

2. The bracketing of players and the outcome is becoming better every tournament. My only suggestion (and this applies more to the advanced group where the ratings are more accurate), is to make winners of Group 9 play Group 12. And, Group 10 play Group 11. This way the top seeds, do not meet in the semi’s (if no upsets), but would meet in the Final. This time a lot of top players were closely rated, so did not make that big a difference.

Great job again to your kids and everyone one else that helped with the tournament.


Love the way your setup on the single elimination; if the 2 were come from the same group, they won’t meet until the final. Good job.

Since the dead line is DEC 1, you may use the rating from NOV 25 or DEC 2, than you don’t have to reseed again on the last day.

If the table can be set up an hour early, this will give us more time to practice. I don’t know if everyone likes to finish this late; we should not practice more then 2 minutes before the game. I don’t think it will help, if you don’t practice at the regular base.

Anyway, thank you for doing this. Making things happen.

Andrew Moy

Hi Swavek, overall I thought the organization was good. Maybe there should be signs
to guide those that are not familiar with the tournament indicating “Table Tennis Tournament” at the main entrance of the building and also in the path leading to the gym.

Also, I would perhaps add a sign to indicate where the registration/score table is located within the gym.

I am thinking whether it would be a good idea to bring additional referees/monitors to keep track of the scores as they happen. Maybe having one referee per X number of tables would be a good idea. Perhaps even just 2 monitors/referees for all 10 tables.

The tournament has a family/community feel too it, and I enjoy going there to play and spend the day. Maybe having too many monitors/officials would make the feel of the tournament too “professional” and cold, but I thought of making that suggestion, since at least at my table, I played with my fellow group members and we felt like playing at a club, there was no “tournament” feel to the matches, it was very relaxed. I am not sure if this is always good, but I thought I share that thought with you. Anyways, you did a great job as always, congratulations!

Hi Swavek,

This is the first time I have participated in the tournament and I am impressed at the way this has been conducted. Personally, it was a very good experience for me and I want to thank you a lot for organizing this event. I am looking forward to participate in the future tournaments.

I can imagine how much of effort this takes from you and your family. Thanks once again and please do keep up the excellent work.

Dharma Dumpala (DD)

Dear Swavek,

Congratulations on the terrific tournament you and your family put together. As a first-timer to such an event I had a great time even though I didn’t play very well. All your hard work certainly showed. I intend to sign up for the March competition. I have one question… did anyone happen to turn in a couple of DVDs for a Sony Handycam? My wife was recording some of the matches and thinks that she might have left them laying on the bench where she was sitting.

Thanks again for everything.

Bill G.


Thanks for organizing the tournament, can not imagine it was all done by you and your kids.
And it turned out to be a great one!

My girls did not do very well in the competition, so we are looking for a better coach than their father now. 🙂

I heard that Maria Kretschmer is offering ping-pong class in wood dale, but I could not find her contact information.

Is it OK for you to give her email or phone number to me? Or could you just forward my request to her?

Thanks for the help and we are looking forward to the next tournament!



Thank you for organizing the tournament. You and your kids made it happen.

I salute you for your valient effort and for the successful tournament.

Kedar (Navkal)

Even though I didn’t play this time around, I dropped by to watch for a while and thought it was another great tournament. Looking forward to the next one.

Best to you and your family,

John Lipa

Sorry about the late response. It is a good tournament and I really enjoyed it. The only thing I would add is that as the organizer you should have the right to call the matches, otherwise there is potential for argument about edges, lets, things like that.

I am doing quite a bit coaching as well, I will try to take more students to your tournament.