Here are unfiltered comments from participants in the June 4th, 2011 tournament.

Hi Swavek,
Thanks for the hard work you (and your kids too) put into organizing this event. With 12 tables, 70 players to juggle, 180 or so scores to tabulate, it is a lot of work.
I am looking forward to the next tournament, and hope I can pitch in to help again.
BTW, the “tie-breaking” rule along with forfeit is the most confusing part. But I think I found the best resource from USATT’s website:
What it says is:
(1) “In a match which is unplayed, the “winning” player is assumed to have won the match 3:0”.
(2) In a three way tie, only the scores involve the three players enter into tie break.
(In our case, I beat Brett 3-0, Brett beat Zita 3-1 and Zita beat me 3-2, so W/L I have 5/3, Zita 4/5, Brett 3/4. So I won the tie break, followed by Zita then Brett),

(John Liu)

Hi Swavek,

First thanks for putting up a great tournament and posting the result and photos the very next day. I see a good future for this tournament.

Some suggestions:

-Have someone referee the semis and final matches with a score board. That way the audience does not have to guess the score.

-As there are many kids playing, you might want to have a group for kids (e.g. under 12)

-The single elimination format was much better than the last tournament. However, I think you can tweak it a bit to reduce the possibility that the 2 players from the same group that advanced do not play each other again.

Also, TTXOnline would be happy to support and sponsor future tournaments at Fox Valley.

Thanks, Arcot (Naresh)

Thanks for another memorable tournament.

I was glad to beat a couple of my opponents this time around and was pleased that I competed on a pretty even level with the two 1700-1800 players in my group; last time I only managed to get about 7 points per game from them, but this time it was 8, 9, and deuce. At this rate, and with a little more focus, hopefully I’ll be winning in no time (well, maybe not against people like Maria yet), but in any case each tournament is always another chance to improve my skills and gain experience.

Your kids are all spitting images of you and looked very industrious and professional.

I was also excited to see my dad get to the semi-finals, but it looked like youth prevailed in the end when the two winners from the old-peoples’ group went down in a cloud of smoke. I’m sure when he tells the story it’ll go more like, “The guy I lost to was seven feet tall with biceps as big as my head!” It’s good to see a place where guys who haven’t played and/or don’t want to dish out money on things like a USATT membership and rating fees can compete.

By the way, do you happen to have bigger pictures of the groups? The ones on the site have been sized down to very teensy levels to where you can barely make out the faces.

(Muneer Hoffman)