Thank you so much for your email and also recommending the tournament .

I enjoyed the games and learned a lot from my opponents.

It was a great experience!

By the way, I’m sorry for the late reply. I saw your email today.^^

Im (Kyungha)


Thanks for organizing this another year, Swavek. You do a great service to the table tennis community by hosting this tournament every year. Best wishes, Oliver

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(Oliver Gartner)


Hi Lorenc,

The results look good, Couldnt meet you in person on that day, hope we can meet next time. Just wanted to share a feedback that ,i just played totally 3 matches out of the 2 events. (1 in 2100 and 2 in 2200). So please look into it and try to change the format or adjust the grouping if some one is not showing up. I just moved to Wisconsin from Florida and really felt bad at the tournament of playing 3 matches for paying 64 dollars for 2 events:)



Here’s my review.
An awesome tournament , organizer and venue.!
Thanks for all your hard work.
My only regret besides losing to two less talented players is forgetting your bottle of champagne
DF (David Feerst)


Hi Swavek,

Thanks again for helping to sign me up last minute for this tournament. It was a lot of fun to play a bunch of new players in the Chicago area.

Here is some feedback on the tournament:

+ Conditions: The conditions were excellent. Great lighting, flooring and air conditioning/temperature — don’t change a thing on that. Please note that table 8 had wind blowing onto it. Janusz and I played the Over 50 final on that table and it did cause some issues for the ball. Neither of us complained about it at the time, but I definitely noticed it. And then, I was watching Sabrina Zhu and another kid play a U2400 match on the same table and they were both complaining about the same wind issue. Not sure what you can do about it, but thought I would mention it.

+ Other Good Things: Very friendly and helpful staff (especially Sisi and Uma — what a great kid!). Great parking and logistics overall. The beeper idea to reach players is very smart, but it is also annoying to hear people walking around with them beeping all the time, especially as they walk past Tables 1 and 2. Need to explain to people that they can turn it off themselves.

+ Table Usage: The positioning of Tables 1 and 2 was excellent, but I suggest using the two premium tables more judiciously. For example, Janusz and I played the Over 50 Final on table 8, presumably because it was available and the event was already running late. Overall, I strongly recommend prioritizing the use of tables 1 and 2 for any of the more significant finals and semi-finals matches. This will enhance both the player and spectator experience. Same thing for umpires, the finals of that event should definitely have an umpire.

+ Timing of Rounds: I know the weather caused issues, but I strongly recommend trying to stick with the times set for the elimination rounds. On Saturday, Leon Li and I were asked to play our Over 50 semi-final match 30 minutes earlier than the proper start time, but then I waited over six hours to play the final (many hours later than the scheduled time). Part of the reason was conflicts in the other RR group which slowed them down, but I think there was some poor table management in the afternoon. I know it is tough keeping all the events running and the redraw of the Open Singles created issues, but I still strongly suggest figuring out ways to keep with the time schedules, particularly for higher rated events.

Overall, it was a great experience. If your team can focus more on effective table management and time scheduling, it will allow the tournament to not run late, which would make it an even better experience.

Thanks again for hosting it! I’ll try to make it again next year.

David Roberts

Thank you very much for all your hard work!

(Chris Natali)
Thanks Swavek, you ran a great tournament as usual.
(Robert Douglass)

The tournament was very good. Everyone was very. Everything was high class.

Igor Falchuk

I wanted to thank you for directing last weekend’s table tennis tournament. I thought it was run in a very professional and courteous manner. I especially appreciated the easy check-in and having the names along with the associated tables readily available for review.

If I could have changed anything it was the limit on the numbers of persons who could enter the more common levels of skills. Due to the popularity of the event and the number of persons in the 1200 – 1400 level, these filled quickly. If there was a way to expand the number of persons who could enter those levels it would allow greater participation but I’m not sure if that is possible.

Thanks for your efforts. They are appreciated but all those that participated.

Tom Sharp
Dear Swavek,

Sorry for the late response! I did check the results though; everything is correct.
Thank you for running such an amazing tournament!

Best Regards,
Sabrina Zhu
Great tournament and Great Team of people going out of their way to do the big and little things that made this a Great tournament ,again my thanks go out to all the people that made this happen…Looking forward to your next tournament…..This next part I would like you to keep private…I thought I was on the waiting list for 2 events on Sunday…1st) U-1700 at 9am and ..2nd) U-1400 at 10:30 AM………upon review of these events I just noticed 4 defaults or no shows for U -1700 and 6 Defaults or no shows for U-1400…..Just wandering if I”m missing something or just fell through the cracks of the system….I was not notified about these possible openings.. Please inform, Thanks in advance, Ed Molenda.
Hi Swavek,
Yes results look correct for me!

Overall the tournament was well run. Especially given the inclement weather and having to accommodate for plane/travel delays of participants. Umpires/Tournament officials were professional and helpful.

Tournament venue was well organized (good lighting; good traction; tables/equipment were in good condition; ample room for each table; seating/benches were appreciated)
Also, your timeliness to submit tournament results is greatly appreciated. I am very surprised that you are able to post results within 1 day on a tournament with 300+ unique participants.

I look forward to participating again in the future.

-Craig (Osikowicz)
Hi Swavek,

Thanks for organizing the tournament! Everything went smoothly, but the only feedback I have to share is that the U1000 RR groups were only 3 people which is not enough matches in my opinion for the cost of the entry. It would have been nice to play 3-4 matches.
(Arsalan Aslam)

Everything looks good with the results.
In terms of feedback for the tournament, I really don’t have anything to critique about it, overall it was a well planned and fun event. Thanks again.

(Julian Albulescu)

Hi Swavek,
Here is my feedback about your tournament. Great venue, lighting, flooring and tables.
All of my events started on time and you brought in some very high-level players so there was plenty of great table tennis action to watch in between events. One of the best tournaments I have attended in my 25+ years of playing competitive table tennis! The only thing about your event that needed improvement, was the way I played!

Steve Ezzo

Hi Mr. Lorenc –
Thanks for keeping us posted with the tournament info.

Eric had a very good experience at Aurora Cup. The tournament is well run. And we appreciated the opportunity being there.
Eric will surely return to Aurora for more plays.


Meiqin Wu
(Eric’s Mom)