We are pleased to offer online registration for the upcoming 2019 Aurora Summer Open. Online registration is handled by OmniPong system which allows you to modify your registration after it has been completed and make one payment for multiple family members. Payments are handled by PayPal using credit card or PayPal account. If you are not familiar with it here is a short short OmniPong tutorial.

Click *Here* if you are not registered with OmniPong to begin the registration process. After you are registered, you will be able to enroll in the tournament, and enter your events.

Click *Here* if you are already registered with OmniPong to log into your account, and enroll in the tournament or update your entry.

Registered Players

Waiting List

Open Singles – Steve de Luca, Mohamad Alzein, Taro Fukami

U2400 – Taro Fukami

U2200 – Jinyi Huang, David Lee, Mohamad Alzein, Aniruddh Shahal

U2000 – Xuesong Lou (Jerry), Mohamad Alzein, Sasha Veljkovic

U1900 – Sasha Veljkovic, Pranav Shahal

U1800 – Brett Morse-Karzen, Sirat Mokha, Anuj Chourey, Sasha Veljkovic, Aneesh Sreekumar, Shreedhar Ranabhat

U1700 – Xinchen Pan, Brett Morse-Karzen, Anuj Chourey, Aneesh Sreekumar, Shreedhar Ranabhat

U1600 – Ethan Talreja, Nilan Patel, Austin Hohenadel, Brett Morse-Karzen, Naresh Gandham, Steve de Luca, Shreedhar Ranabhat

U1400 – Austin Hohenadel, Naresh Gandham, Danny Sternfield

U1200 – Austin Hohenadel, Naresh Gandham, Ashish Varshney, Tanmay Varshney, Danny Sternfield

U1000 – Krishnachandra Nair, Quinton Smith, Bridget Maul, Jeveeth Chandrika, Ashish Varshney, Tanmay Varshney, Jeveeth Chandrika, Danny Sternfield

U700 – Krishnachandra Nair, Zita Bayr, Pavana Dave, Shukan Dave,