The tournament took place on April 6th, 2019 at the Eola Community Center in Aurora, IL.  The tournament was filled to capacity again with only 2 players not showing up.  This tournament was special because we had a 5 time Olympian participate in it.  Fabiola Ramos who represented Venezuela in 2012, 2008, 2004, 2000 and 1996 Olympics entered the tournament and competed in the top group.

Gym setup



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Tournament Team

Thanks to the experienced tournament team we accomplished all preparation tasks in 2.5 hours on Friday.    We started taking tables and barriers out of storage at about 8 pm and after we were given the other half of the gym about 9:30 we had very tight window to complete setup.  Luckily our team is very efficient, so were done with setup of all table tennis tables, barriers, seats for players, control desk, net measurements by 10:30.   The team consisted of Jim Brandt, John Brandt, Michael Curry and Swavek Lorenc.

During the tournament, Jim and John also reinforced the wood rack for storing barriers which was straining under the weight of 100 purple Newgy barriers.  Now it is more sturdy and safer to move around,  and it should serve our team well for the next few years.

Andrew Moy and Jim Brandt entered the scores and Swavek Lorenc made announcements of winners and handled trophy awards and picture taking.  We were done with the last awards ceremony at 7:30.

Take down of the tournament equipment started around 6:30 pm and was completed fast with the help of the same people plus Glenn Cackovic.  Here is the team plus Sava (Micheal’s son).  We were totally done at 7:53.

Tournament setup, operations and take down (from left: Swavek Lorenc, Jim Brandt, Glenn Cackovic, John Brandt, Michael Curry and Sava)
Andrew Moy our umpire and score data entry specialist.


Group First Place Second Place Third Place Fourth Place
Group A Sid Naresh Oliver Gartner Janusz Franeczek Patryk Zyworonek
Group B Arcot Naresh Tadao (tom) Inui Aniruddh Shahal Yusuke Kuboki
Group C Yokutkhon Metinova John Brandt Zayd Syed Freddie (Zheyua Fan
Group D Brian Ngeunjuntr Paul Krynski Jim Gableman Jim Biggs
Group E & F Frank Kang Doug Litwiller Hanchen Jiang Joon Lee
Group G Asif Rehmani Lawer Dixon Jr Adam Kokosinski Jonathan Yarak
Group H Pranav Shahal Sathiyaraj Jagadesh Amina Batkhuyag Naureen Sajwani
Group I Nitin Fuldeore Tsetsen Batkhuyag Scott Finley Anand Sankara
Group J Susanna Eschbach Nathanael Stevenson Michael Curry Miguel Yu
Group K Darya Tenenbaum Jake Giuliano Nathan To Hailey Fong
Group L Bridget Maul Brian Vachta Quinton Smith Audrey To


Here are the winners on the podium

Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
Group E
Group F
Group G
Group H
Group I
Group J
Group K
Group L