Thanks for the great tournament Swavek!

New Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy
Hi Swavek, great tournament, thanks a lot! Would love to see your pics of the U-1400 winners!


Hi Swavek,

Thanks for posting the results. The entry for me is accurate. More importantly, I enjoyed playing. Thanks for organizing the event.

Sam I.
Great tournament. Thanks
How was the champagne?

David F.
Hi Swavek,
Good tournament. Well organized and on time events….
A suggestion for improvement would be to improve lighting or at least cover the glass windows with shades. It’s a bit dark and then the huge glass windows doesn’t help either. With bright sun light from the glass window and a very high ceiling lights, it’s some time hard to see the ball especially if you are facing the glass window.
— Ejaz
Hi Swavec,

Thanks again for running an excellent tournament. I hope the rest of the weekend went well.

I donโ€™t see results of the Tiered RR event on that page. Should they be there too?

Hello Swavek,

Thanks for organizing an amazing tournament . I really enjoyed it and had a great time.

I have one query on the results declared for groups for U1700 Event. I was under Group 9 and I won 2-1 and not 1-2 as published in the results. I defeated the B Jonathan Yarak 3-2 , can you please ensure that its updated because it will impact the ratings. i have a lower ratings and i defeated higher rating, so expecting there will be change in my ratings. Please refer the sheets for the scoreline, i think someone updated incorrectly.

Gururaj Nagaraj
Thanks a lot man. You guys are so quick in responding. Iโ€™m fine as long as itโ€™s updated. Let it take time to reflect.

I have to appreciate the efforts and the finesse you and your team bring in managing such big tournaments. Kudos to you and your team.

Eager for next set of tournaments. Happy Ping Ponging.

Tournament was great ๐Ÿ‘ one of the best.

Zita B.
Hi Lorenc, this is Bruno anjos. When and where will you post the pictures of the tournament? I really enjoyed to play this tournament. Also I made a lot of new frienf thanks a lot


Thanks for great tournament, as usual. Some feedback, since you asked for it ๐Ÿ™‚ :

1. Is it feasible to re-draw RR groups based on people who actually showed up? I was checking results and saw quite a few groups in some events with only 1-2 players out of 4. I guess weather was a major factor this year…
2. My usual suggestion: advance 2 players out of RR whenever possible.

Thanks again for organizing it, I hope to be back next year.

Peter G.
Great tournament as always Swavek. Sorry to hear you’re getting sick. Relax, rest up. People can live without the report a few more days ๐Ÿ˜Š

My only disappointment was a default in my u1000 RR, but that’s beyond your control and I ended up winning my RR anyway so I got to go to the next step and play one more match.

Thanks for putting it together. Your staff at the table was professional and friendly, as was Leo Cai.

I hope it was rewarding for you as well and I hope to see you again soon.

Brian C.

Hi. I hope you feel better soon!

I really enjoyed the Tiered Round Robin.
The venue’s new lighting was excellent and very bright.
The staff, director, umpire and referees were very professional, friendly
and nice.

Please consider offering a para-division and an U600.

This is a great tournament and I look forward to playing next year.


Thank you, Swavek, for an excellent tournament. I know our kids had the opportunity to play several high-quality, challenging matches, and they had a very good time. The only mini complaint I heard from them was that there seemed to be fewer of the extremely high players this year (so the U2600 event ended up being a repeat of the Open), which they thought may be due to the lower amount of prize money being offered. It doesn’t really matter for our kids at their current level. The plethora of 2500 level players offered plenty of excellent playing challenges for them and I’m sure they’ll be back next year. However, they did miss watching the truly professional level matches that they’ve gotten to see in past years at the Aurora Cup and hopefully they will reach a point where playing the 2600-2700 players is what they’ll really look forward to, so if it’s possible to get some of those players back for the next tournament, that would be amazing.

That said, you must be doing something right. We saw that on the youth side, you were able to attract a fair number of youth national team members from a variety of locations. Given the hectic national and international schedule those kids have, the fact that several of them were willing to travel to Chicago for your tournament is a huge compliment. Congratulations on developing such a great event and we hope to see you again next year!

Genesta Z.