We are pleased to offer online registration for the upcoming 2018 Aurora Cup. Online registration is handled by OmniPong system which allows you to modify your registration after it has been completed and make one payment for multiple family members. Payments are handled by PayPal using credit card or PayPal account. If you are not familiar with it here is a short OmniPong tutorial.

Click *Here* if you are not registered with OmniPong to begin the registration process. After you are registered, you will be able to enroll in the tournament, and enter your events.

Click *Here* if you are already registered with OmniPong to log into your account, and enroll in the tournament or update your entry.

Registered Players

Waiting List

Event Players
Open Singles Adar Alguetti, Jishian Liang, Ha Bui, Jeremy Dubow
Open Doubles Sharon Alguetti/Gal Alguetti, Xiang He/Weiheng Liu, Tomotaka Yoshitomi/Qingwei Sun, Randy Hancock/Erik Olsen,
U3800 Doubles Qun (James) Wang/Xing Zhang
U2600 Gal Alguetti, Adar Alguetti, Andrew Louvier
U2400 Soham Kotnis, Qun (James) Wang, Yanko Stoykov, Andrey Ugolkov, Andrew Louvier, Ayangade Oluwole
U2300 Kian B., Ha Bui, Alex Penkasov (-2600), Marcel Borceanu, Andrew Louvier, Ayangade Oluwole
U2200 Yanko Stoykov, Qun (James) Wang, Alex Penkasov, Andrew Louvier, Ayangade Oluwole
U2100 Qun (James) Wang, Yanko Stoykov, Andrew Louvier
U2000 Roman Zilberman, Randy Hancock, Bhargav Cheekati, Xing Li
U1900  Bhargav Cheekati, Xing Li
U1800 Erik Olsen
U1700 Rory Liu, Sumit Bansal
U1500 Sumit Bansal
U1400 Randy Hancock, Arvind Aishwarya, Jermy Dubow, Ayaan Bansal, Sumit Bansal
U1200 Randy Hancock, Arvind Aishwarya, Mark Bohyer, Anaya Gokarn
Youth Under 18  Bhargav Cheekati
Youth Under 14
40 and Over  Yanko Stoykov, Jeremy Dubow, Ayangade Oluwole
50 and Over