Here is what participants said about the conduct of the tournament.

This tournament was absolutely phenomenal. Between all the other tournaments I have played, which is way more than 10 for sure, this one was the best, and the management was no exception. You and your staff are the most pleasant to work with, and I have never seen any tournament host work more by himself than you have. Please keep it up in the future, I heard from people all throughout the tournament how well they thought you were running the tournament and how hard you were working.
Kyle Mikota

Hi Swavek,
I enjoyed playing at the Aurora Cup. The tournament was well run as usual but the Joola balls are terrible. I know they sponsor the tournament but in my opinion the balls detract significantly from the experience.


Michael Wilke

Thanks Swavek. It was fun to participate in the tournament and thanks for all of your work.
I could not arrange to get the table with the weather condition, maybe next year. If they are still in Chicago and a weekend pickup is an option, just let me know.
Take care and see you at the next.

Thank you for the update, sir!!! We jad great time at the tournament. Thank you for your kind hospitality!
(Oleg S.)

Swavek – Another great job with this tournament, and what an impressive turnaround time for the results!

I do wish that similar rating groups were not spread across three days. In my case, 1400 (Sun), 1500 (Fri) and 1600 (Sat), since transportation to the tournament is problematic for me. But I know it must be a nightmare figuring out all of the scheduling permutations.

Thanks again.

Ron Stevens

Mr. Lorenc,

Thanks for a speedy update and another well-run tournament. Hope to be back next year.


As usual, your Table Tennis tournaments are the best! I mean that, sincerely.
p.s. It was awfully cold inside (and outside).

Paul Selvin

Thanks. Looks good very nice tourney, good job to you and all involved.

(Wayne W.)

Hi Swavek, great tournament, thanks. Where can we find pictures?



Dzieki serdeczne, jak zawsze bardzo dobra organizacja turnieju

(translated from Polish) Heartfelt, thank you.  As usual very good tournament organization.

Thank you very much, Swavek for great job preparing the tournament! It was a lot of fun!

Oleg Stepanyuk, Operations Manager

Hi Swavek,

I enjoyed the tournament a lot. My only suggestion is for the other tournament directors to not call “Swavek to the control desk, Swavek to the control desk” over the PA system every half hour. They should just call or text your cellphone.


Hi swavek,

Thank you for the report, it looks very nice!

Also thank you for holding the tournament, wish we can do it more often.

Best regards,


Super Turniej Sławku !!!

(translated from Polish) Super Tournament Swavek!!!

Sincerely, Tom Godlewski