After every tournament I ask participants for feedback and here is what they said.

Dear Swavek,

How’s it going?
First of all, sorry. I forgot to pay you the difference between events: US$ 2,00 (two)

Feedback about the tournament:

1) friendly environment, atmosphere
2) the staff of the tournament was amazing, very kind, very supportive and, very professional
3) receiving the trophy with podium and pictures
4) receiving the results before sending to USATT
5) AC in proper temperature
6) the staff wearing uniform, gives the tournament a plus
7) your interest in getting feedback
8) the trophy is amazing

1) The most important (in my opinion): the music while all tournament. I’ve never seen that in tournaments and I really think that this can disturb the players. Table tennis is a game that is playing with the subconscious.
2) Due to the weather, the cafeteria could’ve  been opened while the tournament was going on

Congrats on the tournaments.

Best wishes,
Adolpho Pinto

Greetings Swavek,

Thank you for the follow up.  My results look correct. I had a great time at the tournament.


Erik Olsen
Thanks a lot for arranging this fabulous tournament. This is Paul, I am Tia’s father.

One thing I’d like to point out is when Tia played Women’s single, the cross over after RR, you guys arrange the 1st place to play with 1st place from the other group and the second place played with second place. After that, the winners played for 1st and 2nd , losers played for 3rd and 4th.

I guess usually, after RR, the 1st should play the other group’s 2nd, and then winners played for the 1st and 2nd.

Just some ideas and thanks again for all the efforts into this tournament.

Paul Hsieh
Hi, thank you for let me know. This time I played not really time I will take training before the tournament and I will come back.

Thanks for your support
Best Regards
Bochao Li

It looks good Swavek.

Congratulations on a successful tournament!!

In terms of feedback:
– Nice organization
– Great facility
– Very helpful and friendly people at the desk. Never sent me back without providing information.

Overall good tournament.

Hi Swavek!

I just wanted to say your tournament was a first rate event! It was an immense pleasure for me to have the chance to participate in it, and I appreciate having the opportunity to get to know the others who helped out. I also enjoyed learning the details behind setting up the tournament floor!

Thanks again for a great tournament, and if I’m ever in the area I’d love to drop in and hit some with you guys.

Chris Taylor
Great tournament once again. We came down from Madison, Wi  for the
Friday, Saturday and Sunday sessions. Well organized,  good facilities
and new and old friends. Oh well, maybe next year I will bring home the

tom (Dorman)
Dear Swaveklorenc,

Thank you for your email.
I believe the results of the tournament is correct.

From my personal point of view, I believe this tournament is one of the best tournament that I’ve ever played.

Thank you so much for organizng it!


Cheng Li
Yup looks. Great thanks for everything !

Jim g

Hello Swavek,

Thank you for your mail. I had a good time in the Aurora open and looking forward to playing it again next year.

Hope all is well.

Best regards,
Swarna (J)
Dear Sir/Madam:

I came in 3rd place in the under 800 RR, but my name is not published in the page. Kindly make this correction.

Laith Manzoor
Hi Swavek,
The tournaments you run always have a feeling of being well organized and easy for players to follow. Plenty of tables with adequate space around them.
I have only one question. Why is there not a 3d and 4th place in under 800 category?
I hope you make money and get a day off as your reward. You deserve it. I’d love to see you run more tournaments, but do what’s best for you and your family. That’s #1. Thanks again for such a great job.
All the best,
Mary (Marzano)
The tournament was organized well. I’d say make sure you stay on top of the single elimination rounds for events and even have set times for elimination rounds, and emphasize the importance of turning in group match slips as soon as they are finished. Otherwise pretty good.

Alex Averin

I couldn’t see anything wrong with the results.  One feedback from my brother and his friends was that, somehow, there was a mixup in U2100, he and his club friend had to play in the 1st round of the game.

(Kaibai Liu)
It was very nice meeting you in person Mr.Lorenc. And yea the tournament was pretty amazing. It was well organized, smoothly run, and professionally administered.

Ibrahim (Mugren)

Thanks for well-run tournament. The only suggestion I would make is to advance 2 people out of RR group whenever possible – it looked like you had both time and tables to do that. Makes RR stage less of ‘one loss and you are out’ deal.

Will try to be back next year.

Peter (Gaidarev)
Hi Swavek,

Thanks again for organizing.

Was there a match for 3rd place in U800?
It’s listed, but no result is there.
It might have been past their bedtime.

-Peter (Hastings)
Dear Swavek,

Thank you for the results. It something of a minor consolation to know that the person who beat me in the first elimination round went on to take first place in our class!

The tournament was well organized. There was a minor time glitch with our U1400 playoff start time but it was not a big deal. The facility is very clean and in good condition. It was fun to play the tournament in a building lively with lots of other activity.

My only suggestion is to brighten the gym lighting.

Thanks go to you and the staff for putting together an excellent event. My friends and I are looking forward already to next year.


Dan (S. Wang)
Hi Swavek,

Thank you for the update and it was a well run tournament. Do you when OmniPong will be updated with the new ratings? I may be interested in registering for Arnold Challenge.

Kevin (Li)


Thank you for organizing a good tournament .Good playing area, good tables and great
service. It was fun.

thank you.

Zita Bayr



Thanks for admitting me in the tournament. I thought overall the tournament was reasonable.

One thing I would like to see, is posted brackets for the Elimination rounds. It would’ve been nice to know upfront possible players you would meet and not wait blind until the match is called. Not necessarily saying that they should be filled in, but for example the winner of Group1  plays the winner of Group8 etc.

Jason Miller