2016 Aurora Summer Open will take place on July 24th, 2016 at the Eola Community Center.  The venue is located at 555 S. Eola Rd. Aurora, IL 60504.


Tournament will have rating restricted format, which means that players will be allowed to enter only the events which have higher rating limit then their current rating.  Current rating will be the rating a player has on June, 30th 2016.  Below is a list of events and prize money/trophies.


Unrated players may enter any event but will NOT advance out of the round robin round of the event to the single elimination round.  Unrated players are strongly encouraged to obtain an estimated rating so they are properly challenged by players of similar skill level.  Otherwise they will be overwhelmed or not sufficiently challenged (i.e. bored).  Estimated rating can be obtained from a coach or other players who participate in USATT sanctioned tournaments by observing unrated player at play.


Online registration will be conducted using OmniPong.  If you prefer to mail in your registration the blank entry form can be downloaded from here, filled out and mailed to the address indicated on the form.  However, those who send their registration by mail are urged to send it early because the available spots may be taken by those who register online while the mail is being delivered. Number of spots is limited so consider registering early. To see who registered so far please check the online registration page.Tournament operations will be using OmniPong software so that you ratings will be updated a few of days after the tournament.  There will also be a tournament report with pictures published on this website.


The venue will be setup with 12 tables and each court will be fully barriered.  Courts are 16 ft x 40 ft. The light strength has been measured on both sides of each table with a dedicated meter and it showed readings between 338 and 430 Lux with an average of 380. The flooring is a sports linoleum flooring with a fairly good grip and not too hard on your feet. You are welcome to bring a towel for wetting your shoe soles if you like.


All inquiries should be directed to Swavek Lorenc, 630-251-8860 (after 6pm), swaveklorenc@yahoo.com.
Swavek Lorenc
Tournament Director