The 2015 JOOLA Aurora Spring Open will take place on April 18th, 2015 at the Eola Community Center.  The center is located at 555 S. Eola Rd. in Aurora, IL.




The tournament is sponsored by JOOLA which will provide PLASTIC balls for the tournament and Table Tennis 1 on 1.



The tournament will have a giant round robin format in groups of 8 players which means that players will be sorted by their rating from highest to lowest and seeded (divided) into groups of 8.  The 48 lowest rated players will start at 9 am and the higher rated players at 2 pm.  The starting times will be announced a few days before the tournament, because they depend on how many players sign up and their rating.  In the past tournaments with this format players with rating below 1500 played in the morning.  Unrated players have rating of 0 unless they obtain an estimated rating from their coach which places them above that 1500 rating.  Players with rating of 0 will play in the morning.

Each group of 8 will have 2 tables to play on so that all matches will be finished in approximately 5 hours.

The tournament will offer $1,300 in prize money and trophies. See table below showing which groups (classes) get prize money and which get trophies.


Online registration will be conducted using OmniPong.  If you prefer to mail in your registration the blank entry form can be downloaded from here, filled out and mailed to the address indicated on the form.

However, those who send their registration by mail are urged to send it early because the available spots may be taken by those who register online while the mail is being delivered. Number of spots is limited to 96 so consider registering early. To see who registered so far please check the online registration page.

Tournament operations will be using OmniPong software so that you ratings will be updated a couple of days after the tournament.  There will also be a tournament report with pictures published on this website.



The venue will be setup with 12 tables and each court will be fully barriered.  Courts are 16 ft x 40 ft.

The light strength has been measured on both sides of each table with a dedicated meter and it showed readings between 338 and 430 Lux with an average of 380. The flooring is a sports linoleum flooring with a fairly good grip and not too hard on your feet. You are welcome to bring a towel for wetting your shoe soles if you like.

See below how the tables and seating areas will be arranged.



If you would like to help with gym setup on Friday please contact me: Swavek Lorenc, 630-251-8860

Starting Times
Here are the starting times for the participants.  They can only change if someone drops out.  The dividing cutoff rating was around 1430.

9:00 AM 2:00 PM
Adam Polecki Aliraza Ashiqali
Alagappan Thirunavukkaras Artur Kurek
Alexander Cai Brad Overbeek
Andy Rozanski Cesar Mendoza
Arsen Gaysin Daniel Kim
Brian Coons David Soltwisch
Brian Ngeunjuntr Edgaras Zilys
Chris Peri Ejaz Shah
Clint Henderson Gediminas Zilys
Daksh Shandilya Hammond Hui
Daryl Cheung Harsh Shah
Don Erickson Hussain Ali Khan
Ethan Keller Ihor Falchuk
Faraz Baluch James Madrid
Gerard Felix Janusz Franeczek
Haadiya Fakhruddin Jedidiah Chung
Ivan Tchakarov Jeffrey Liao
Jibran Fakhruddin Jerry Dydynski
John Zhong Liu John Brandt
Juan Ilundain Josh Chung
Karthikeyan Thukkaram Kevin Swan
Lijian Cai Kian Beyranvand
Madison Chao Krzysztof Szostak
Maithreyi Parthasarathy Lawer Dixon Jr.
Matthew Kim Lizhao Zhang
Mauricio Reyes Higuera Lukasz Niewiarowski
Michael Curry Manikandan Nagarathnam
Mukund Raghunath Marcin Kurcz
Nandan Naresh Mariusz Merchut
Nikhith Rao Narasimhan Tige Ramakrishnan
Patryk Zyworonek Piotv Soja
Paul Krynski Qingzhou Luo
Ron Chin Robert Douglass
Sangita Naresh Rodney James
Sarvesh Rao Salman Syed
Satej Sukthankar Sam Adarkwa
Sheikh Osmani Samuel Kim
Smrithi Mukund Sandor Feher
Sriram Swami Seon Ho Kim
Stanislaw Glowik Sonny M. Henderson
Steve Kim Sylwester Sobota
Tanay Vutukuru Tadao (Tom) Inui
Taohan Ni Tadeusz Alberski
Tim Szot Veselin Vasilev
Tristan San Diego William Goodfellow
Varun Rajesh Yong Jian Xue
Vijay Talwar Zachary Moy
Zita Bayr Zexin Jiang

I hope you can join us for this tournament.

Swavek Lorenc
Tournament Director