After each tournament I ask for feedback and here is what some of the participants said about the tournament:

First off I wanted to tell you how much fun I had at your tourney. Friendly people, awesome venue, and great competition. But like most tourneys. There is always room to improve.
1) If the doors open at 7a.m.and the check in starts at 8? Don’t show up at 8:15 unprepared.
2) Get a staff to run the tourney. Not the Referees and Umpire. They are supposed to be out and about answering questions and watching matches.
3) More seating
4) Have the staff bring the match slips out to the tables. If we come to you there is always a big congestion at the check-in table. And more times than not we are warming up and not listening. All we know is what time and what table to be at. Don’t confuse us more by making us think about who is getting the match slips.

If you have trouble getting people from your club to help you could offer them 2 or 3 weeks of free table tennis at the club.

Just some thoughts. But I did have a great time at your tourney. And I will definitely be back next your.

Thanks again.

(Joe Masminster)

Hello Swavec

Overall I had a blast. Excellent turn out and amazing quality of play. Even when I was not playing, I had a great time watching the other matches going on. The venue was awesome, the equipment superb

If I may offer my advice on the events, I would have loved to be able to play all events closer to my ratings such as 800 and 1000 but these events were scheduled on different days.

My only criticism would be of the lack of organization at the front desk and the poor quality of the PA system

Looking forward to your next event

(Omar Salas)

Hi Swavek

I was only there on Saturday and I can mention a couple of examples. We were ready to play the semis and my opponent and I kept going to the table for almost an hour to ask when and where could we play. They did not seem to know and I later found out they hadn’t had processed the results from the quarter final match because they had misplaced the result sheet.

I guess having like an “inbox” or something where players can turn in their results, the personnel at the front desk can just grab the result sheets from there instead of receiving them personally. That way, even if they get distracted; they would know that whatever is the “inbox” has not been processed.

If I may also suggest; Maybe some small white boards where the organizers can easily write down how events are progressing would help relieve the amount of people going and distracting the front desk personnel with questions.

Any way; These are my 2 cents; Overall, like I said; one of the best events I have attended.
Hello Swavek.
Tournament was very well organized from a participant standpoint. I was pleased with displayed information how it was displayed order it was displayed and how clearly it shows when and where I should be at.

Suggestion for improvement

There were couple of times I found noise due to boxing practice. I know yo hey and addressed it. But it would be nice not to have boxing open at all during tournament.
A good place for family members who came to visit and support would be an additional suggestion. I found it difficulty for y wife and kid to have a good seat next to where i play. It was difficult to even find an empty chair on second day.

Overall it was very well organized. I played in another 4 star tournament recently and I really like this one better over other from an organization location and information display standpoint.

Thanks for the opportunity for the feedback and I look forward to the next tournament in Auroa.

Amrit Soni

The biggest problem was definitely table management and getting the elimination games going on Saturday. After the 1200 round robin things got messy. The elimination rounds could not be played because other round robins were placed on the same tables. When this was brought to the attention of the head table it was pushed on to the players as a ‘you figure it out’. When people just pick any random table to play on it hasa domino effect for further games. Also, a lot of the elimination games were never called out, so players would approach the head table trying to find out when they were playing and were told to check the sheets because we should already know where we were playing, however the sheets don’t work if the games are behind and you do not know who actually won the other round robin. I had the head table announce my opponent and after 30 minutes I asked if they would announce again, but was told since they already called once they would not do it again. Eventually Swavek personally helped me out and my match was played.

I know a semi final match was being interrupted by numerous players because their RR was assigned the same table currently being used for the semi match. People were getting loose balls during points and entering the playing field.

A lot of the problems I had involved communication with one particular person behind the head table. I know I was not the only person to have problems with the same individual.

Besides that the tournament was great. Top players, facility was great, Sunday went smooth, and I would definitely come back for next year.

Mark Szymanski

You did a great job with this tournament. Kudos to you and your team of workers. Fantastic representation of Illinois. Look forward to the next one.

Robert Douglass

Thanks for all your help. Great event!!

We look forward to coming every year.

Michael Khoja

Hello Swavek,

Thank you very much. Again, it was a great tournament, specially the set up and all the games began on time and I will definitely participate next time with my son.


Hi Swavek,

I am glad that I was part of Aurora tournament. Everything was really amazing and great. There is nothing has to work on, hope you surprise us with more beautiful tournaments like that.

Best regards
Ahmed hendawi

Everything up till the first round ended was perfect, but once you advanced it was very difficult to get a table and keep the games going (this was on saturday).

The tournament itself was a blast, the equipment was great and so was the location! Definitely enjoy your tournaments the most.

L(uke Slomba)


Swavek, congratulation. It was really good running tournament with few matches running late, but it wasn’t your fault. If some players taking too many events and they advance from two or three, it is very hard to keep everything in time. But like we talk, in future try to stop the boxing people on the running track. Nice tournament. It will be my pleasure to come next year again. Thanks. Latso

(Ladislav Sranko)


Hi ,,think was great tournament ,,thx

Karol (Baran)

Hi Swavek,

I have a correction that needs to be done for one of my matches. After checking the USATT ratings site, it lists my U1200 match against Rex Casstevens as a loss, when I had in fact won that match 3 straight. If you could review the paper records and let me know what you can do about this, it would be greatly appreciated.


(Lawrence Tran)


Great tournament & well organized !

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(Marcin K)urcz

hello Swavek
because you asked for feedback :
although I could not take part in tournament but what I saw when I entered the podium was so impressive. a podium full of players. it just could happen because of your hard working. congratulations and wish you more success.
best regards
s. hesabi


Thank you for running the tournament the venue was great and my car full of guys had great time competing and watching high level matches throughout the day.

One small correction.
Event Under 2000 Rr
Players: Jedidiah Chung and Calipo, Willians (1783)
On the USATT rating website it says that I beat Calipo, Willians. But he trounced me 3 games to 0. I don’t remember the scores of the games.

Thanks again for hosting the event and I look forward to competing in the next one.

Jedidiah Chung


You all did a “Great job” !

(Chandra Vidhan M.D.)



Thank you to you and your team for holding this 4 star tournament in the Chicagoland area. There was definitely a ‘wow’ factor as soon as we walked into the tournament area. The tournament space definitely looked and felt like a 4 star tournament enhancing the experience for both the players and the spectators!

Looking forward to the next one already. Keep up the great work!

Asif Rehmani


Thanks for the email and for the update. Sebastian and I enjoyed the tournament very much. We enjoyed playing in our sections and watching the higher rated players compete. The venue was perfect, and everything was very well organized.

Keep up the very good work and I trust we’ll be able to return to Aurora again.

Steve Hersey