Fox Valley Table Tennis Club will be holding a 2 star tournament on Saturday, October 11th, 2014 at the Eola Community Center located at 555 S. Eola Rd. in Aurora, IL. The format will be giant round robin in groups of 8, which means that players will be sorted by their rating from highest to lowest and seeded (divided) into groups of 8. Each group of 8 will have 2 tables to play on. The tournament will offer $1,300 in prize money and trophies. Below is the table indicating the amounts.



This year’s Aurora Fall Open will be sponsored by ‘Table Tennis 1 on 1’ owner Meinhard Korte. If you like to learn more about coaching offered by Meinhard please visit his website.


Another sponsor is Newgy, Inc. who has sponsored many or our past tournaments. Thanks to Newgy’s support we will have 10 additional barriers and that will let us set up for the first time fully barriered courts. This will possibly make us the only 2 star tournament in Illinois to offer such great playing conditions. To find out more about Newgy’s robots, barriers and other products please visit their website.




I think we have finally arrived at an optimal layout with bleachers in the east side of the gym, accessible easily by a walking alley and additional seating on the west side of the gym. Courts are 16 ft x 40 ft.

The light strength has been measured on both sides of each table with a dedicated meter and it showed readings between 338 and 430 Lux with an average of 380. The flooring is a sports linoleum flooring with a fairly good grip and not too hard on your feet. You are welcome to bring a towel for wetting your shoe soles if you like.

There is generous parking around park district facility but if you can’t find the spot you can also park at the adjacent church parking lot.


Online registration is available here. If you would like to send in the traditional blank entry form you can download it from here. However, those who send their registration by mail are urged to send it early because the available spots may be taken by those who register online while the mail is in the system. Number of spots is limited to 96 so consider registering early. To see who registered so far please go to OmniPong website, select Tournaments page and click ‘Players’ button on the line for this tournament.

Tournament operations will be using OmniPong software so that you ratings will be updated on first Thursday following the tournament and published in a tournament report on this website.


If you would like to help with gym setup on Friday please contact me: Swavek Lorenc, 630-251-8860

Starting Times

Here are the starting times based on ratings as of Friday morning which includes the 9/27 Schaumburg tournament.
9 am starting times——————————— 2pm starting times

Rachel Zhou 1423 Emad Barsoum 2488
William Goodfellow 1403 Wojciech Wolski 2338
Zexin Jiang 1399 Jeff Xiao 2161
Arsen Gaysin 1384 Michael Wolski 2116
Natalia Snigurskaya 1363 Attila Ratfai 2114
Asif Rehmani 1324 Janusz Franeczek 2109
Larry Sorensen 1319 Arkadiusz Zyworonek 2072
Florin Precup 1304 Arcot Naresh 2058
William Klase 1299 C. T. Pham 2042
Stanislaw Zarycki 1297 Krzysztof Puchalski 2020
Quinn Baker 1284 Lukasz Niewiarowski 2009
John Zhong Liu 1278 Henry Polecki 1980
Manikandan Nagarathnam 1249 Keith Offord 1946
Ron Chin 1231 Krzysztof Szostak 1945
Nicolae Ciofiac 1230 Sonny M. Henderson 1945
Don Erickson 1200 Seon Ho Kim 1936
Shawn Pjesky 1194 Ejaz Shah 1936
Ramar Upshaw 1166 Marc Villanueva 1933
Kung Chao 1151 Sasha Veljkovic 1924
Stanislaw Glowik 1141 Jaroslav Stastny 1918
Zigmas Vievesis 1126 Zbigniew Jablonski 1914
Sam Adarkwa 1047 Ken Oh 1901
Mark Nightingale 900 Jorge A. Vanegas 1899
Raj Kagathi 854 Mariusz Merchut 1870
Bud Wilson 834 Douglas R. Wruck 1846
Nandan Naresh 827 Karol Baran 1828
Grace Luo 813 John Brandt 1818
Dale A Daguro 802 Cesar Mendoza 1800
Samuel J. Kramer 755 Robert Douglass 1740
Linh Nguyen 700 Peter Gerard Falcis 1730
Maithreyi Parthasarathy 699 Kian Beyranvand 1685
Brian Coons 688 Sid Naresh 1665
Mohammed S. Zaman 672 James Stout 1624
Madison Chao 630 Jang Won Kim 1621
Tony Parayno 600 Choong Suk Lee 1600
Tim Szot 522 Lawer Dixon Jr. 1598
Rhon Daguro 504 Ganesan Mani 1570
Shariq Zaman 500 Dusty Rabjohn 1549
Remington Jennings 500 Jeffrey Liao 1542
Faeq Zaman 500 Moshi Zhao 1516
Brian Ngeunjuntr 471 Erdenebileg Myagmarsuren 1515
Teja Gupta 350 Sarah Zhou 1505
Moksh Shah 300 Mathew R. Morris 1504
Ishan Shah 300 Adam Koziel 1500
Rohan Munagekar 300 Eryk Emilianowicz 1493
Tanay Vutukuru 300 Tomasz Szacilowski 1465
Pierre Gabriell Falcis 168 Mike R. Baldwin 1439
Bhavika Kagathi 59 Robert L. Tysl 1437

Swavek Lorenc
Tournament Director