Here is what participants said about our tournament:

Hi Swavek,

Congratulations on your very successful first organized USATT sanctioned tournament.
All in all, it was well prepared and well organized. I am glad my schedule worked out so I was able to participate.

I am sure you will have more tournaments coming and you will use the knowledge gained from this one to make them even better. I am looking forward to these tournaments.

John (Liu)

Hi Lorenc
Thanks for all you do, I think that is wonderful the way you organized and very please to the player, thanks again, I really enjoy to play the tournament last Sunday.

Van (Le)


I think you guys did a great job.  Ran very smoothly in my opinion.  Only thing I wish was different (since I didn’t have a car) was onsite food and drink other than vending machines.

GREAT job and I look forward to your next tourney!

Steve Claflin

Great tournament. Will support all your tournaments. Really liked the availability of the umpires. Made it have a real professional feel. Maybe space out the events some. I wanted to play over 50, but couldn’t because my main event (under 2000) started at same time. Thank you for a great tournament!

(Sonny Henderson)

Swavek, I enjoyed the tournament very much. I especially liked the great number and diversity of players. The format was appropriate. The trophies and photo ops were great. Having a large number of umpires was very helpful. I had the unfortunate experience of having a two match event (U1800) because we had a no-show, not sure what you could have done… Get a microphone or some better system of calling out matches, and players will better be able to hear their name called. Overall, my group who traveled 300 miles round trip for the event enjoyed it very much. Thank you!

J. Bryant Evans
President, CCTTC

Hi Swavek! Commentary follows:

The setup was great, and All the tables seemed to have a lot of room.

I wish there was some better way of granting access to the back of the room. Either by fencing off a small one person wide hallway against a wall, or by opening up the gymnastics room and putting ropes/fences up in there (to keep people off the gym equipment). It’s a bit unfair to the people who are on the end tables to keep having their match delayed for foot traffic.

Our table started almost 30 minutes late, which was odd, since the table wasn’t being used for match play (people were just using it to warm up). If the table schedule would have been delivered or just left at the table we could have started on time.

Probably can’t be helped, but our 4th player in our group was a no show, which meant as an unranked player I only had 2 people to play against to establish my first ever rank, and with all of the fees to join the USATT and have the rank calculated, wound up paying over $70 to play two guys. I know it won’t cost that much next time, but the total experience was a bit of a let down. I’ll probably join both 1300 and 1600 next time just to get more matches in.

I know there’s more criticism than praise here, but your tournaments are always well structured and the facility is great! Looking forward to your next tournament, Swavek.

–Steve Bowler

Hi Swavek,

Congratulation on your first  tournament!. Very good. Thank you  for all your help.

Zita (Bayr)

Hi Swavek,

Thank you for running yet another great tournament.  I appreciated there is plenty of room for each table, and I did not run into the same player twice in my round-robin, obviously you have put lots of thought into it when you did the draw.  Great job and I look forward to your next tournament.


Hi Swavek,
Thank you for sending the receipt and organizing the tournament. excellent job!

Thanks Swavek. Great tournament by the way. Looking forward to the next one.

Brandon (Yee)

I thought it was a very organized tournament. Nice tables and plenty of room to play. The use of umpires was also good and made it look very professional.
The one suggestion I have is… it would be nice to have some food/sandwiches available at the site. Not sure if its possible, but due to  lack of time and to not default your match, its hard to go out for lunch. Some food onsite food will be excellent, but may not be possible.
Ejaz  (Shah)

Hi Swavek,

Congratulation on your first USATT sanctioned tournament!
I was impress by your official team, everybody look profestional, tourney was well planned and orgernized, good sizes of playing area for each table, I really enjoyed playing on your first tournament.
Great job! Thanks for running the tournament.
Spenser Lam
Schamburg Table Tennis Club

Hello Swavek,

I noticed on the usatt webpage it says following:

Iinfogix Aurora Open (Jun. 23) – CO (missing tournament report only).

I assume you have mailed the report and their website is not uptodate but I thought I will bring this to your attention so you can follow up if needed.

Thank you for the excellent tournament and we look forward to come again. As far as the feedback is concern I have following things to say:

1. It was very inconvenient to go from one row to the other.
2. There were few occasions were we had empty tables and waiting players. I know this was a first rated tournament and you got a great response so it was hard for you to control everything. I am not complaining .. just so that you know for your next tournament.

Things we liked:
1. Location was great and there was lot of parking. This is a big plus in Chicago.
2. Helpfulness of the tournament staff
3. Promptness in sending the tournament results and report to usatt