Aurora Winter Open, 2-star USATT sanctioned tournament will be held on Saturday, December 29th, 2012 from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM. This event will be sponsored by: Newgy Industries and Paddle Palace.  The event is hosted by the Fox Valley Table Tennis Club and co-hosted by the Association of Chinese-American Scientists and Engineers.


The tournament will be held at the Eola Community Center (555 S. Eola Rd, Aurora, IL, 60504). Here is a picture of the gym where the tournament will take place.


You can register using either online registration or mail-in registration. Payment for online registration is handled by PayPal using credit card or PayPal account if you have one. Registration deadline has been extended until December 26th. If you would like to spread the word about our tournament we have a poster which you could hang at your club so please contact me (Swavek Lorenc: and I will mail you a large print of it.Format
The tournament will have a giant round robin format without the playoffs round. Players will be sorted in decreasing order by their USATT rating and divided into groups of 8. Players without the rating will need to provide an estimated rating which can be obtained by asking other club members who know the player’s skill level. Play in each class will proceed on two tables at once to accelerate the game. There will be a morning and an afternoon session. Lower rated players will play in the morning from 9 am to 2 pm. The higher rated players will play from 2 pm to 7 pm. The table below shows the prize money and trophy distribution. The total prize money purse is $1300.ClassTable


We have 10 brand new Killerspin MyT10 Club Pro tables which are black and 2 Stiga Prestige which are navy blue. Each table will have a 17 x 40 ft playing area and barriers in the back and on the sides. We will use white 40 mm Nittaku 3-star balls provided by our sponsor Paddle Palace.


We will play best 3 out of 5 games each to 11 points. We will play according to USATT rules.


From the East: Take I-88 tollway west until Route 59 exit (no toll exit). At the light turn left. At the first light stop after crossing the bridge over I-88 ((Diehl Rd) turn west (right) and follow Diehl Rd for 2 miles until Eola Rd. Turn south (left) on Eola Rd. and follow it for 3.8 miles. The Eola Community Center will be the large brick building with green roof on your right.

From the West: Take I-88 tollway east until Eola Rd. exit. This is a toll exit so have 90 cents ready. After exit turn left onto Diehl Rd and continue until the first stop light – Eola Rd. Turn south (right) onto Eola Rd. and follow it for 3.8 miles. The Eola Community Center will be the large brick building with green roof on your right.

From the South: If traveling on I-55 north take the exit onto IL-Route 30 (Joliet Rd). Follow Joliet Rd for 2.2. miles and turn right on Division, then left onto Lockport St. Follow Lockport St. for 1 mile and turn right onto Wallin Dr. Follow it for 1 mile and it will turn into US. Route 30 W. Follow Route 30 for 7.5 miles until you reach Route 34 (Oswego Rd./Ogden Ave.) Turn right onto Route 34 and follow it for 2 miles until Eola Rd. Turn north (left) onto Eola and follow it for 0.5 miles until the light stop (Long Grove Dr). Turn left and the Eola Community Center & Aurora Library will be the large brick building with green roof on your right.

Hotel and Dining

This page lists the recommended hotel and dining choices


Swavek Lorenc:, 630-251-8860

The table below shows the approximate assignment of players into groups.  The ratings shown are those entered at registration time but for final group assignment we will use the latest ratings available on Thursday, Dec 27th after USATT updates the ratings. Also many unrated players have been assigned an estimated rating that is not shown either.  The final group assignment will be communicated shortly before the tournament.

This is a list of players who registered for each of the events.

A (2 pm) B (2 pm) C (2 pm) D (2 pm)
1. Wojciech Wolski (2299)
2. Fred Cantarelli (2274)
3. Artur Kurek (2267)
4. Spenser Lam (2178)
5. Leon Li (2111)
6. Janusz Franeczek (2107)
7. Joseph Yoon (2107)
8. Vivek Kini (2097)
9. Ronald Li (2088)
10. Arkadiusz  Zyworonek (2080)
11. Aron Frank (2073)
12. Bogdan Plugowski (2049)
13. Yong Jian Xue (2020)
14. Peter Hua (2005)
15. Marcin Kurcz (1993)
16. Christos Dousmanis (1963)
17. Karol Horodenski (1959)
18. John Yoon (1959)
19. Marc Villanueva (1936)
20. Steve claflin (1935)
21. Sonny Henderson (1930)
22. Arcot Naresh (1929)
23. Zbigniew Jablonski (1914)
24. Sasha Veljkovic (1906)
25. Krzysztof Puchalski (1881)
26. Wayne Luan (1867)
27. Michael Wolski (1811)
28. Kao Wei-Min (1800)
29. Dominic Perbey (1800)
30. Henryk Polecki (1788)
31. Muris Silic (1786)
32. Jack Bao (1782)
E (2 pm) F (2 pm) G (9 am) H (9 am)
34. antonio campbell (1720)
35. John Brandt (1718)
36. Husheng Gao (1713)
37. Keith Offord (1676)
38. Qingzhou Luo (1646)
39. marcin wrzoszczyk (1618)
40. Tarun Chawla (1613)
41. Peng Li (1604)
42. David Sun (1593)
43. veselin vasilev (1587)
44. Steve Schroeder (1549)
45. Mark Hoffman (1490)
46. Tadeusz Alberski (1458)
47. Vadim Roshass (1409)
48. haohua yang (1345)
49. Ronald Cassidy (1310)
50. Wilson Chen (1280)
51. Tomasz Szacilowski (1264)
52. Jim Abreu (1261)
53. John Liu (1255)
54. Christopher Fudala (1207)
55. Weiliang Jordan Sun (1199)
56. Dusty Rabjohn (1198)
57. Shaun Gordon (1187)
58. Chang Liu (1184)
59. charul chavda (1148)
60. Andy Rozanski (1127)
61. Ryan Tseng (1107)
62. Mark Szymanski (1100)
63. James Rosen (1098)
I (9 am) J (9 am) K (9 am) L (9 am)
65. Sid Naresh (1070)
66. luke  slomba (1064)
67. Steve Bowler (1059)
68. Chase Klinesteker (1037)
69. Kevin Swan (1014)
70. Bill Keep (954)
71. Taher Dohadwala (939)
72. Sarah Zhou (935)
73. Joe Dault (930)
74. Arcot J Prabhakar (903)
75. Meide Zhao (895)
76. Zita Bayr (810)
77. Bud Wilson (721)
78. frank aguilera (602)
79. NIPUN DUBEY (503)
80. Rachel Zhou (371)
81. Peter Pu
82. Chenping Ni
83. Gary Cudworth
84. Aftab Ahmed
85. Mahesh Naik
86. Ying Lu
87. Kevin Bednarz
88. Christopher  Vas
89. William Goodfellow
90. Mihai Mihailescu
91. Fengjie Sun
92. Valen Piotrowski
94. Arif Khan
95. Stanislaw Michalak
96. Thomas Shelton
Waiting list
97. Akash Pardeshi (1954)
98. Avinash Banala