Here is what some of the participants said about the tournament in response to my request for comments:

Good Morning Swavek and Happy New Year,

Thanks for putting on the tournament. I have no criticisms and think it was very well done. Results as they relate to me are accurate as well.

See you soon,

Christos (Dousmanis)

The tournament was well run.  Everything from a participant’s point of view worked well and on schedule.  However, from  a spectator’s view, the gym was very cold and uncomfortable.  Thanks for all that you do to make this event a success.  Happy New Year!

-Sandra Vas-

Recognize the following statement?
“Unrated players may not win prizes or trophies except for top division (1st – 8th seed).”
Unfortunately one participant lost out on winning a trophy because somebody chose to make up their own rules.  That person who was left out was me.  I finished 4th in Group 12.  It was only my second tournament and I had to play in a prior tournament to establish an initial rating.  But player “A” in our group was simply given a gift and acquired a magical number/rating without earning it as I did in my first tournament.  The result of this was that he won a trophy and I did not.  NOTE:  Make it perfectly clear that I do not hold the player to blame or have any animosity towards him.  He demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and we both thoroughly enjoyed our match.

Swavek, your tournament was organized and run with excellence from beginning to end.  It takes a lot of work and those who are responsible probably don’t get the credit they deserve.  So here in my own little way, I say thanks to all for a job well done and compliment you and all those who helped.  I’ll be eager to attend again next year.  You are most appreciated for it’s such extraordinary ambition from a few (like yourself) that gives so many others an opportunity to participate, to potentially win, but especially to have fun and meet others with a passion for table tennis.

However, I can’t help but to share that I am a bit disappointed by not winning the 3rd place trophy because of somebody’s questionable ethics.  The fact is, I did not win a trophy because of a player who had not established a rating through prior competition and was officially unrated by the USATT.  This is an example of how a seemingly harmless judgment call and have negative ramifications.

Again, congratulations for an outstanding tournament.  Keep up the good work and never ever stop promoting our wonderful sport of table tennis.

Bud Wilson
52674 Brookdale Court
South Bend, IN  46637

It was my favorite tournament to date (only have been to 4). Format was great, amount of matches great, and so was the pace…
I hope there are more tournaments like this
Thanks for putting it together

L (Luke Slomba)

Good Afternoon Swavek,
I did have a better W-L record than Janusz (3-3 vs. 2-5) and should have been the 4th place finisher.  I did enjoy playing in your tournament.

It was run very efficiently and professionally despite a slightly late start. The only negative I could mention is that the east side of the table had inferior lighting.

Thank you all your efforts in running the tournament and wish you & your family the very best 2013!

Kind Regards,

Joe (Yoon)


In my opinion, this tournament has been a great success. All the players I talked to were on the same page as me. Congratulations!!!

I would say you placed me definitely in the appropriate group: I won three matches 3-0, and I lost 3 matches 2-3 and one 1-3.

I look forward to the next tournament!

Happy New Year!!!

Mihai (Mihailescu)

Hi Swavek,

Thanks a lot for organizing this wonderful event.  I like the round robin format, you got a fair amount of play and meet a variety of different style players.

Peng Li

Hi Lorenc
I played the last 2 tabale, and those are not the table for competition. Thanks for you hard work

(Van Le)


Aurora Winter Open is a good tournament. The tournament is batter than Taiwan.
Where can find the tournament photos?  I want to see the tournament photos.

(Wei-Min Kao)

The two stiga tables should not be used for tournaments. Play different times if you have to, but i will refuse to play on those tables again. They are not horizontal and much slower than the other tables. You have a lot of tables already, just rotate everyone on the good tables until you replace the Stiga.

Also, the scorekeeping sheets, good to print those after everything is ready and you have the final groups. You can make a simple excel spreadsheed and reuse it for the tournaments. Let me know if you want me to help you with that. But the current Letter naming convention kind of blows. I get confused about which side to put my score in, and also it is very difficult to check other people’s scores. Using people’s names is inexpensive and no reason to be substituted with letters.

On the bright side, organization was good, everything went smooth as far as I was concerned. ‘Control Desk’ may be a bit lose use of language, but I get it..

(Vaselin Vasilev)


I really enjoyed the tournament, which was well organized. The facility offers very nice set up and great floor!

One thing that needs to be improved somehow is the overall length of it. 8+ hours is definitely too long, we need more tables per group, less players per group or make it a 2day event. Perhaps slightly more seating space would be nice. Overall i had plenty of fun and will definitely play next year


Marcin K. (Aka. Szlager)

The tournament was very well run and I liked the schedule of games, which allowed for periodic rest from play.  Playing people whose rating was close to mine was good and resulted in many exciting and close games.  A larger round robin of 8 players made the 4-5 hour drive from Michigan very worthwhile.

Chase Klinesteker

I enjoyed the format and you did a great job organizing the event.

(Bill Keep)


Overall I thought the tournament was a huge success.  There was good lighting, floors, space and tables were decent.  The round robin system is a difficult system because it requires participants to be cognizant of their own accord to ensure progress is being made.  Most of the time it works better in higher level match play and may be difficult for lower level beginners.

I enjoyed the tournament and would play again.  I am slightly disappointed that in our 3 way tie in group D, there wasn’t a better way to decide the winner.  I had beaten the guy who disqualified when the other players received bys.  Anyway, it seems like it can be worked on but overall great job and great tournament.

Wayne (Luan)

Tournament was great. Enjoyed the challenges. One issue. The last two Tables (K & L) could not be leveled. They tried putting small wooden strips under the wheels and we had to reinstall them more than once. Perhaps some larger shims could be used in the future. Other wise it was great.

frank aguilera

Great job running the tourney!  I’ve only been in 4 tournaments, but this has been the best communication and organization I’ve seen. Great job.

(Kevin Swan)

In reply to your email. I had a good experience but two main things I always want at a tournament are fully barriered courts and ref to call the match.  Awesome again we appreciate all the hard work, keep it up.

(Marc Villaneueva)